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Whether it’s a job interview, a presentation in the office, or defending your master thesis, sooner or later we all experience moments in our lives and careers where we need to stand up and address an audience. Knowing how to speak and be heard and understood is an important skill that allows you to reach your full potential. Toastmaster clubs offer a platform for practicing communication and leadership skills in a safe environment and with a proven method. Members meet on a regular basis in clubs and practice their skills in front of peers. The stage is a lab where new and experienced members can keep returning to hone the skills they already have, and those they want to build up.


The Competent Communication manual helps you develop your speaking skills one step at a time.


Toastmasters provide you a safe environment to find you voice.


A key element of Toastmasters is feedback, motivating and tailored to each individual member.


Membership fees vary from 20 to 75€ per semester. Return on investment for your personal growth is priceless.

On average it takes one and a half year to make it through the public speaking boot camp and complete the ten speeches from the basic Competent Communication manual. For some speakers this is enough, for others being a Toastmaster becomes a way of life and they get addicted to it.


Most clubs meet twice per month and are delighted to have visitors attending their meetings, be that individuals coming to a Toastmaster meeting for the very first time or fellow Toastmasters from other clubs.

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Visiting fellow Toastmasters in other clubs is a great way to share best practices and pick up tips and tricks beyond those exercised on the home club ground. To further facilitate the exchange of know-how our Division regularly organizes special events that bring together members of different clubs, even those living in different cities.


1jul13:00- 18:00Club Officer TrainingMünchen13:00 - 18:00 New European College, Wolfratshauser Str. 84, 81379 , MünchenEvent Organized By: Christiane Dederding & Michael AntesbergerLanguage:Deutsch,English

8jul13:00- 18:00Club Officer TrainingUlm13:00 - 18:00 Haus der Begegnung (Dreifaltigkeitskirche), Grüner Hof 7, UlmEvent Organized By: Jörg Gütter & Michael WegelinLanguage:Deutsch,English

15jul09:30- 13:30Area 4 Club Officer TrainingNürnberg09:30 - 13:30 DAI, Gleissbühlstr. 9, Nuremberg Event Organized By: Alexandra MangerLanguage:Deutsch,English


23sepAll DayArea I4 ConferenceAutumn 2017(All Day: saturday) Nachbarschaftshaus, Adam-Klein Str. 6, NürnbergLanguage:Deutsch,English


14oct14:00- 20:00Open Doors Day 2017 of the City of NürnbergConvincing presentations in German and English14:00 - 20:00 Nachbarschaftshaus, Adam-Klein Str. 6, NürnbergEvent Organized By: Christiane DederdingLanguage:English

We are also proud to have very active members who organize public speaking events outside of their clubs, thereby attracting new members as well as providing Toastmaster members with an opportunity to test their newly-acquired public speaking skills in a different environment. Of course, because such events are not organized by the Division team, our Division is responsible neither for content nor for price of these public speaking events.

At the division and area conferences, special clubs events and open door days, standup comedy and storyteller nights our members make sure that the room is full of laughter and happy faces.


Because Toastmasters is a non-profit organization, all the special events, as well as the daily routine of the Division' life, are coordinated by our members who volunteer to support their Club, Area, or Division for the duration of one year. At the Division level the continuous flow of the Toastmaster-life processes is currently supported by

Stefan Gruss

Division Director

Alexander Kartavtsev

Public Relations Manager
Toastmaster: since April 2014
Job: Consultant
Homeclub: Munich Prostmasters
Biggest learning: Wordpress
Still learning: talk more slowly
Favorite project: Storytelling

Tobias Schlosser

IT Support
Easy Speak Support

Kumar Barua

Area Director I1

Frederike Falke

Area Director I2

Kadir Simsek

Area Director I3

Berthold Liebig

Area Director I4

Thomas Hoffmann

Area Director I5

Karla Viebahn

Immediate Past Division Director
Toastmaster: since October 2010
Job: HR Interim Manager
Homeclub: Rhetorenschmiede
Biggest learning: delegating
Still learning: talk more slowly
Favorite project: Entertaining Speaker

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